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The Sociology Students’ Association (SSA) is an association under the Arts Undergraduate Society that represents all students pursuing sociology as a Minor, Major, Honours, or Joint Honours at McGill University. We are:

  • A liaison between students and the department,

  • A resource for students wishing to know more about sociology at McGill,

  • A committee looking to increase intra-departmental spirit and friendships among sociology undergraduate students.


The SSA’s fundamental aim is to help sociology students make the most of their degree by hosting various events and providing a variety of resources


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What Can I Do With My Sociology Degree?

  • You can do basically anything with a sociology degree!

  • You will use both quantitative (statistical) and qualitative (ethnographic) research methods, while also gaining valuable social theoretical knowledge

  • Industries that sociologists have gone into include business, communications, education, law and criminal justice, family and social services, public health and program administration, social scientific research and advising

Valuable Resources

CaPS (Career and Planning Services) - Mentorship Program

  • Search according to the industry of your interest.  Pick your top two choices of mentors and then complete the Online Student Application

Vault - Career Intelligence



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